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Friday, January 13, 2006

Is there money in blogging, part 2

Still wondering if you can make money from blogging? Well listen to this story.

A friend of mine who is a MSM blogger had TWO offers this week of work for pay as a result of their blog. The first was an offer to join a new venture by contributing one blog column a week to a new website that will have content in their specialty area. The deal was they were looking for a half-dozen bloggers to join up and offereing to split the site's advertising income 50-50. In other words, the site owners get half and the six bloggers divide the other half by six. They cautioned that this wouldn't pay much at first but they hope the money will flow more freely as the site takes off.

Then the blogger got an email from an established website, also their specialty area, offering $500 for a very short freelance story to appear on the site. The only reason this big time website owner would have ever thought to hire my friend was because the site owner was familiar with, and impressed by, their blog.

So maybe you can make money blogging?


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