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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Big industry news?

I'm a huge fan, a daily visitor, to Jim Romenesko's blog at the Poynter Institute, a daily compilation of journalism news and gossip. And not too long ago, I thought I had something for him.

On Nov. 1, I sent a an email suggesting a link to my blog posting about how two mainstream media blogs in one week accomplishing a first by hosting a blog carnival. Now, it's not Deepthroat revealed or anything, but given the growth of MSM blogging I thought it was important enough to earn a mention on profession's unofficial bulletin board.

But no dice, My Romenesko suggestion didn't make the cut.

It's OK. I think a lot of us out in the MSM just don't get blogging. A milestones in MSM blogging, I suppose, doesn't sound like much. Besides, there are a lot of other big industry news going on all the time that overshadows blogs.

I mean, here are some of the headlines that were linked on Romenesko that day:

  • Packers coach hates it when phones ring at press sessions

  • Rooney recalls when newsgathering was a big deal at CBS

  • No one gets far in the British media world by being mousy

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